About Us

We Bengalis love our comfort, and we love making a statement. And nothing brings those together like a pair of worn-out jeans and a cool t-shirt (and a sweatshirt thrown on in winter). But you know what else we love? Our Bangaliyana. And we really couldn’t find options that brought all three together without burning a hole through our pockets. So we did the logical thing and just made our own t-shirts.

So you’ll find a crazy mess of all things Bangali on our products. From the jedin thakbo na sedin bujhbi admonition we’ve grown up on, to the ever-present ghoti-bangal debate, our designs capture the chaotic existence that is a Bangali.

Oh, and also, our fabric is really, really good, just perfect for our weather. And the print is positively revolutionary- Direct-to-Garment means no flaky pieces and chipped corners, ever.


Shantanu Sikdar

The Thinktank

“So, last night I had a fantastic idea…”

Saptarshi Mitra

The Hustler

“There’s no looking back with this idea.”

Biswajit Mondal

Artist Extraordinaire

“A square circle? Hoye jabe, chap nei.”

Sahil Dutta


“Talk artsy to me.”